Allen Dennard

Allen Dennard


Allen Dennard is a trumpeter, composer, recording artist, bandleader and activist who was born and raised in the city of Detroit, Michigan.

Around his senior year of high school Allen had the privilege of being mentored by the great Marcus Belgrave, one of Detroit’s own legendary trumpeters and educators. After high school, Allen attended the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor where he received a full ride from the university’s jazz department and received his Bachelors Degree in Jazz Studies.

Allen has made five appearances as a sideman in the Detroit Jazz Festival: Wendell Harrison (2015), Detroit bassist Ali Bey (2017), the Detroit Jazz Festival All-Star Alumini Band (2019), David McMurray (2020), and the Keyon Harold Big Band (2021). In 2022 Dennard was chosen to be a headliner at the Detroit Jazz Festival, showcasing his group “The Allen Dennard Quintet”. 

Allen’s music is a mixture of jazz, contemporary, house, hip hop, and funk. Allen still resides in Detroit, focusing on furthering his musical career in the local, national and international music scene.